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What is Imposter Syndrome?

I prepared this short video for you to support you in a few mindset shifts when it comes to being an empathic business owner.

I have had three “failed” businesses before it got better and I say “better” because getting there is a beautiful journey.

I used to feel like a fraud all the time because I would be in these rooms or stages with people with 20x the experience as me.

I was a featured speaker at SXSW, Toyota Automotive Company and most recently, I received an invitation to give a commencement address.

Sometimes I feel they have the wrong person.

It wasn’t until I really got into my heart-space and remembered that God is where my true power comes from and as an extension of the Most High, I came here on a mission to serve.

It had to look different and it had to be both a collaboration and a co-creation.

Check out this video I made for you on "5 Shifts for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome."

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