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Culture Shift(her) Collective Sistermind!

Empathic Feminine Leadership

for an Emerging World

Take your empathy, spiritual connection and quest for equity and inclusion to the next level in your mission based business focusing on heartfelt connections and soulful intellect.
The Culture Shift(hers) Collective is a Sistermind, and an intimate circle of women with established businesses coming together for a full-bodied transformation. 
In these 12 full months, you will have the continuity of support that you need to flourish.
You will be held in the sacred arms of sisterhood and deeply connect with an amazing group of women, all while using your intuition, talents and passion to co-create a new paradigm in business.

Culture Shift(her)



The Moment is NOW!

I'm a Soulful Biz Coach for Transformational Feminine Leadership who supports women to embrace their empathic gifts, shift culture, and break barriers through their mission-based businesses.


The Collective Sistermind! 12-month Program is specifically designed for empathic female-identified leaders ready to amplify their empathic gifts, live in their purpose, and make a cultural shift.

The Collective Opens September 5th, 2024

What happens in the 12-month program?

In this program we will explore: 


  • How to shift your mindset through the power of your divine nature vs human conditioning and what the culture dictates 

  • How to structure your business to align with your natural internal flow!

  • How to find your community and connect with them on a soul level 

  • Heal generational money wounds and build a new legacy 

  • How to get clear on your offers and pricing. 


Are you musing on: 


How do I create impact and profit? 

How can I use my voice and business to shift culture? 


You could be a great fit for this program if you are a:



Digital Marketing or Content Creator 



Service-based feminine entrepreneur

The "Circle of Power" program by Ber-Henda Williams can be valuable for business owners across various industries. It's not limited to any specific sector but rather caters to individuals seeking personal empowerment and leadership development regardless of their industry. Whether you're in technology, finance, healthcare, education, or any other sector, if you're looking to enhance your leadership skills and personal empowerment, this program could be beneficial for you.

Service based feminine entrepreneur and you:


1. Have an existing program, course, or membership and been in business for at least 3-5 years 


2. Want to sell at scale without high-pressure sales tactics


3. Have capacity to implement and take on new clients starting next month


 4. You are ready to go all in 


 5. You are a female-identified mission-based business owner 


6. Value creativity and expression 

We begin September 5th 2024! We hope to see you there. 

Before coaching with Ber-Henda I needed more hands-on attention and to feel a part of a community of people that were feeling and going through the same things I was going through. I lacked clarity and really feeling confident about my own platform for my own business.


Now I am much more confident in my value and what I bring to the marketplace, clearer on the community I serve, plus my income has increased as well. 


The most impactful thing about working with Ber-Henda is that I felt heard, understood, and supported.  


I would tell anyone that if you really want change,  growth and results you should definitely work with Ber-Henda!

Headshot Resized 500 x 500.png

Lenise Whitfield​


Licensed Financial Strategist,  Award-Winning National Field Trainer & Credit Educator

Over 12-months you will experience:



Receive support from your entrepreneurial sisters so you never have a reason to feel stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed



Dive into your business on a deeper level with customized, conversations with Ber-Henda.



So you can have ongoing live support from the group, Ber-Henda and your guest coaches.



To help you continue to grow and sustain a business that fuels you and helps you live your purpose.

What's included in the Sistermind:

  • Power of Planning Workshop, a virtual daylong retreat to vision and plan your profit pathway and visibility projects for 2024-2025

  • A 90-minute Strategic Visioning & Planning Session with B to get support and accountability with your Best Year Yet Plan  

  • Ten Empathic Power Focus Modules focused on accelerating your business growth.

  • Ten Skill-Building or Q&A Modules taught by myself or guest faculty, experts at the top of their game who will provide real-world strategies that work and the exact steps you need to grow your business. 

  • Ten 45-minute private 1:1 Business Coaching Calls to dive into your business on a customized, deeper level. ( You can schedule these before the program starts) 

  • A virtual daylong online retreat where you will connect deeply with your cohort, strategize your client creation, and plant your Spring business intentions and goals. 

  • Seasonal Planning Sessions (around the solstice and equinoxes), an opportunity for reflection and strategically planning your next 3 months 

  • Six Get(Her) Done Days: These are virtual 3.5-hour retreats where we will gather to work and complete specific tasks. 

  • Quarterly Visibility Projects where you choose your own visibility strategy (i.e. speaking, live videos, etc.) and receive support and accountability around that project and your goal. (priceless!)


  • Private Culture Shift(Her) Community: An engaged group where you’ll get support on your most pressing business needs, including resources, inspiration, and collaboration. (priceless!) 

  •  Support of Sisters Circles where you can receive support from your entrepreneurial sisters so you never have a reason to feel stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed. (priceless!) 

  • Accountability Partner(s) for an extra incentive and inspiration to implement. (priceless!) 

  • Fun, Sexy, and Bold Good Time! Who said growing a business and making an impact had to be boring? No way! You’ll cheer, twerk, work, and celebrate with each other throughout the year. There may even be dancing (there will definitely be jigglin' and wigglin').

Ber-Henda Williams' coaching is life-changing. She helps you dig deep and discover what your passions are and how to best use your talents while keeping your interior environment peaceful. THAT is what has made a huge difference to both me and my business.
- Lori Jo Vest | Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist/Partner


This is for female-identified mission-based value-driven leaders who want to use their empathic gifts to not only support themselves but use them to heal others and shift culture their gifts and missions.




People trying to make a quick buck with no interest in really changing lives.
Emotional and spiritual by-passers
If you are more interested in consuming self-help memes and spiritual quotes than doing deep inner work, this container is not for you.
If you see being Empathic as a curse and you’re curious but not serious, don’t waste your time or money.

Not sure if this is the right program for you? Feel free to apply and book a complimentary consultation to chat and answer any questions you might have!

Your 12-Month Program is Full of Support

Ber-Henda Website 4.png

10 1:1 Coaching

Private coaching sessions on a monthly basis to help you go deeper in your work.

Ber-Henda Website 3.png

Learning Modules

Workbooks, resources, lessons, and more to guide you through your 12-month journey

Ber-Henda Website 2.png


Weekly +Monthly recurring group coaching schedule to help you stay focused, find accountability, and get stuff done in likeminded community

Ber-henda website 1.png


With the other members of your sistermind Ber--Henda and the guest coaches you'll never be short of ongoing support that you can access at a moment's notice.

Working with Ber-Henda is always magical! She holds a sacred space where I get deep insights and leave the session with ideas brewing to make strides in my business.
I walked away from our strategy call with plans for a new offer, which has been popular and fun and a wonderful way to serve my clients!
- Safiya Robinson | Storytelling Coach

Plus a few bonuses:


Seven Day Activation E-Journal


Access to my Culture Shift(her) Virtual Membership Community ($600 value)


A 30-minute Tech Session with Community

Humanity can not afford for us to skip out on our purpose-driven work. It starts today and right now so that as the New Earth continues to unfold we are ready to lead, rise and thrive as empathic leaders. 

"You helped me learn that being an empath is not something that is to my detriment, but is actually a skill and a gift."  - Deja Cromartie

Ber-Henda's message and program will have you first opening your mind to all of your potential and then you will see the world open up for you. This goes beyond manifesting; it is prophecy.
She gives you meaningful "assignments" and penetrating questions to help you understand your purpose and tangibly map your way towards it.

- Deena L. Policicchio | Strategic Leadership Consultant

Contact Me

Not sure if the Circle of Power is for YOU?

Send a message and we can start a conversation.

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