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Living her life in color, Ber-Henda Williams has been bilingual for more than 10 years. The "femolutionary", Keynote Speaker and Feminine Leadership Coach lives according to her name’s Germanic-Greek origin, “The Bear Hearted Protector” of Multiculturalism, Art and Womanhood. As a Wayne State University graduate, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and minor in International Marketing.


Ber-Henda was a featured presenter at SXSW's Interactive Tracks in 2016. She served as facilitator for numerous organizations and community groups such as Alternatives for Girls, Job Core, Women Organize Michigan. Ber-Henda also obliged as a translator/interpreter for companies such as IBM,The Multicultural Journalism Luncheon Featuring Alex Rodriquez - and for Detroit's own streetcar system, the QLine. She has hosted numerous cultural events and performed on stages such as The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, The Music Hall, Hart Plaza and Festival of the Arts. She was also a guest speaker for Toyota Motor Company’s Juneteenth Celebration. Ber-Henda has a passion for poetry and speaking to inspire women and girls to live their most authentic lives.


Additionally, Ber-Henda was a guest lecturer for Detroit Creative Mornings, and has also facilitated workshops for numerous organizations and community groups such as ELLAS Latina Women’s Leadership Program, Dia de la Mujer, Women Organize Michigan and COTS. 



Olivia Guterson
Artist, Mother, Community Organizer

I really enjoyed it! The intake form not only allowed me to really focus in on what I wanted to get out of my time, but set the stage for a great session. I can tell she took time beforehand to not only read through my form but do some research so some of her responses/suggestions came from a really good and informed place. I thought she was incredibly professional and kind; created a safe space to get me to probe into myself to really dig out some gems. I'd work with her again and I hate talking about myself as well as have a fear of voicing my dreams out loud, but both are necessary if I'm going to be who I truly think I'm meant to be."



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Meg Collier
Light Summoner+ Life Coach

Working with Ber-Henda in her VIP day offering changed me and the course of my life and business. I simply don't have enough words to encapsulate the sincere gift it is to know and work with Ber-Henda; She is amazing. I walked away with a clear plan of action for steps I need to take to continue to build and cultivate both an anti-racist life and business. This work isn't easy and it shouldn't be, as my white ancestors have laid the groundwork for systemic white supremacy. However, the work feels more palpable with more depth doing it in the healing container that Ber-Henda provides. SInce working with Ber-Henda, I am in the process of reactivating my business with an even deeper commitment to hosting a coaching practice and community that is rooted in love, creativity, gratitude and most importantly, anti-racism. If you are a heart-centered empathic white person looking to decolonize your business, and subsequently your life, Ber-Henda is the guide and mentor for you!”




Francetta Watson
Love Addict,
Recovery Coach
and Speaker

During this time I am able to pivot through the pandemic by putting my spiritual background first, followed by my empathic gifts and God’s earthly angel, my awesome coach,

Ber-Henda Williams! Having the support from an empathic coach has helped me stay focused on staying grounded in my purpose. Although I relate more to being an emotional empath I also carry other qualities as an empath, and sometimes the messages come to me through deja vu, nature, dreams, smell and touch. Having

Ber-henda as an empathic coach has helped me remain grounded! She serves as a very important anchor in my life and has for the past several months. Staying the course on my purpose, growing and accepting my gifts has helped me to stand firm in my calling to help others. Ber-Henda taught me how to lay the foundation and think outside the box when finding strategies to grow beyond my highest expectations in my businesses. The pandemic has been a journey and I’ve been able to stand tall by seeing the bigger





Sydney Plant Storyteller+
Compelling Creative Coach

When I began coaching, my primary business was a live storytelling show, Women of Candor. Since that time, the show has grown to include a recently launched podcast with listeners from across the globe, including Nigeria, Spain, and Guyana. Ber-Henda assisted me in becoming clear about my life’s mission; therefore, the work I do is focused and is representative of my heart’s desires. I became a solo producer during the time I worked with

Ber-Henda. She helped me navigate the process of amicably separating from a partner and continuing my journey by myself. Overall, Women of Candor has been strengthened by focusing on my target audience, African-American women, and expanding my reach with the podcast and a YouTube channel.

Additionally, I just began another business, The Compelling Creative Agency, as part of my effort to provide coaching and assistance to other creatives and entrepreneurs. I also will be launching another podcast before the end of 2020.

Ber-Henda helped me organize my thoughts and interests, all the while supporting me, a multi-passionate creative. I will be implementing the plans we set in motion for at least another year. The benefits of working with Ber-Henda extend far beyond our time together.

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Nicole M.
Boutique Events Professional

I couldn't be more grateful for the good work of Ber-Henda Williams. As a small business owner and mother, I pay very little attention to my intuition, self-care, and the little inside voice of reason. I find that in working with Ber-Henda I am more grounded, inspired and validated. She provides the nudge I need to stay accountable to myself and in alignment with who I am and seek to become. My personal and professional life are all the better since I make time to nurture myself. Thank you for everything Ber-Henda!

I hope this review encourages you to take the plunge and invest in yourself. You're in very capable hands with

Ber-Henda. ❤️

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