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Culture Shift(Hers) Membership!

(Virtual and In-person)

Take your empathy, spiritual connection and quest for equity and inclusion to the next level in your mission based business focusing on heartfelt connections and soulful intellect. MEMBERSHIP CLOSES Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

The Culture Shift(hers) Membership is where un-networking and connection meet. This is an intimate circle of women from various sectors coming together for a full bodied elevation.


Entrepreneurship and Small Business Leadership

Community Outreach and Development

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nonprofit Leadership

Higher Education

Program Development

Arts and Culture


In these 12 full months, you will have the continuity of support that you need to flourish.


You will be held in the acred arms of sisterhood and deeply connect with an amazing group of women, all while using your intuition, talents and passion to co-create a new paradigm in both our culture and business community.


In this program we will explore:


  • Monthly Soulful chats with authors, healers, founders and community activists beyond the podcast and live events.

  • Monthly co-working days to get things done!

  • Quarterly Seasonal Planning Sessions

  • Access to all the live events

  • Monthly Meditation and Reflection Sessions

  • Bi weekly Sunday Sermon and Prayer Call


And so much more!


Are you musing on:


How do I create impact and profit?


How can I use my voice and business to shift culture?


How can I stay inspired and be lovingly held accountable?


Be more bold and courageous…


You could be a great fit for this program if you ARE:


  1. A feminine founder or start up

  2. Seeking to move up in your organization

  3. Seeking a holistic approach to work life balance

  4. Desiring to be engaged in a soulful community



Our first call takes place Monday, June 5th, 2023


Investment: $500 for the year!

Bonus 1: All access to live Un-Networking Events


Bonus 2:  Exclusive invites and discounts  to workshops, retreats, and programs


Bonus 3: A really good time!  

15% Off All Items

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