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1-1 Coaching

Rebranding business: for clients who have been in business for a while, but find themselves in a reimagining phase due to self-realization of empathic gifts. Previous clients were looking to shift careers and came to me for life coaching. We quickly discovered through identifying their sense of purpose, they were better suited for entrepreneurship.


Why 1-1? In a personalized setting, you have all my time, attention and energy. In a more tightly held container, you’ll feel fully supported as you express your offerings.


Group Coaching

Why group? In the next step after 1-1 coaching, you'll need more accountability and spot coaching to amplify the work you’re already doing. Guest experts and coaches will help you refine the 5-step process for the embodiment of your business. Your business is your baby, and is intrinsically a part of you. 

Are you ready to take your empathic gifts to the next level of business and impact?

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