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Woman of the Week: Shaynae’ Clark

Shaynae' Clark, founder of NL Beauty Academy and Naelourice Beauty, is a visionary redefining beauty standards. From early experiments in her grandmother's kitchen to showcasing her talent at international fashion weeks, Shaynae' has established herself as a beacon of innovation and mentorship in the beauty industry.

With over 17 years of experience, Shaynae' has mastered the art of hair extension and styling, earning her recognition on stages from the USA to Paris. Her journey from a passionate teenager to an international hairstylist underscores her deep commitment to her craft and her ability to inspire others.

As a licensed cosmetologist and educator, Shaynae' founded NL Beauty Academy to nurture the next generation of beauty professionals. Her Youth Summer Camp and the academy itself are a testament to her dedication to empowering young individuals through beauty skills, entrepreneurship, and a focus on holistic well-being.

Beyond the classroom, Shaynae' has graced prestigious events such as Michigan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. Her work has not only adorned runways but also major brands like Bottega, Pepsi, and Hugo BOSS, showcasing her versatility and leadership in the beauty sector.

Shaynae' also champions community service and empowerment through initiatives like the "Brains over Booty" campaign and the annual Strolling Monologues, celebrating iconic African American women. Her commitment to social justice and community empowerment continues to inspire a new generation of beauty professionals.

Join Shaynae' in celebrating beauty, empowerment, and community. Discover more about her journey and her visionary approach to beauty at and

Inspiring Beauty, Empowering Lives.

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