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As an empath, you may have felt that your deep ability to feel is a curse. I’m here to show you that it is your greatest asset. My approach implements a 5-step process that utilizes one-third "woo-pastalic" hallelujah and ase/Jesus and chakras and true divine feminine energy. One-third catering to institutions (education, culture, creativity), and one-third activist (power to the people). 


We are in the New Earth. The paradigm shift we’ve been waiting for is here. Systemic racism is being dismantled in front of our eyes - let’s name what it is. We’re watching strongholds being dismantled: patriarchy, voter suppression and chaos. The empath restores balance. We need you to share your gift. 


I’ll never tell you that you can sage away your issues, as nothing can replace your connection with spirit and you doing the inner work necessary for your evolution. 

5-Portals for
Business Success:



Finding Your Fire - “I’m stuck, I'm over it, this shit is too hard” - I help you not only find your North Star, but also give you the kick in the pants to follow it! 



When you’re a "multi-potentialite" you may be unclear on where to start first. I help you get clear on how to set priorities and gain clarity on your true inner season. When you have no clarity, nothing else nothing will stick and everything can collapse on you. When you’re not monetizing you’re sharing what you do, but not letting your audience know how it solves a problem.



Clients come to me for one thing, but they leave with so much more. One of my clients wanted to get her storytelling work out there, and ended up starting a creative agency.



“Why not both”, “porque no los dos”? It’s not either/or, it’s both/and. When you can figure out the “what”, then you can determine the “when”. The “how” is up to the universe - and

co-creating with me! 



Before you show up to the world, how do you show up to yourself? Do you feel like what you have to say matters? From the foundation of clarity you can show up and be visible, so get aligned first. Be more and do less. 

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