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There is so much power in community, especially a community of women! If you are looking to provide a deep support and inspiration, then think Ber-Henda!

I have facilitated Sister Circles, conference workshops, feminine leadership training's and retreat facilitation. Speaker/Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural Programming and/or Facilitation

  • Feminine Personal Development

  • Developing Empathic Gifts

  • Poetry and Creative Writing and more!


“Ber-Henda's workshop Tapping My Feminine introduced us to the foundation of understanding our power as women, giving us permission to be powerful. The workshop was refreshing as it wasn't a "let's be more ladylike" lecture about how women should be, rather it highlighted who we are as women and who we have the potential to become. It was both intimidating and comforting the way I was able to connect to so much of what she shared with us. It definitely left me wanting more.”


Ariana S.

Workshop Participant



Julia E. Berman, RD LDN
RIAND Education & Events Chair

RIAND is aware of the ethical discussion happening within the Health at Every Size® community at this moment. We acknowledge that our organization has a great deal of work to do in order to engage and improve our work in the areas of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We wanted to bring this topic to the surface and Ber-Henda made that possible for our annual conference with her engaging talk. Ber-Henda was able to guide our dietetic community through a challenging conversation helping us push past the fatigue to begin to address privileges within ourselves. Ber-Henda was energetic and engaging, and her unique way of asking questions provoked a strong reaction that encourages you to continue to make changes to help improve your own biases. If you have a hard conversation that your community needs to have, Ber-Henda is the person to lead the talk. We are so grateful that Ber-Henda was able to speak at our annual conference and it was the perfect way to close out our event with this important conversation that Ber-Henda so eloquently led for us.


Rhonda Welsh
Executive Director for Detroit Outreach
Central Michigan University

Detroit Uprising: Constructing An Artistic Movement was the first gathering of its type that we have implemented at Central Michigan University’s Detroit Office. We knew that it required a knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent facilitator with a strong artistic background. As usual, Ber-henda Williams did not disappoint. She is always able to move forward according to plan while still being flexible enough to navigate any inevitable changes to the program. She is also always punctual, professional and prepared. Panelists, teaching artists and students alike remarked on how integral she was to the program’s success.

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