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Spiritual Hygiene: Tending Your Soul

The goal here is to give you tools to support spiritual growth and evolution. These tools however will not replace your unique relationship with the All That Is. For today I invite you to explore you divine make up.

You have a body but you are not your body, you have a mind but you are not your mind. We are spiritual beings first. The soul is the part of you that informs your thoughts and desires.

Your soul is the gateway between realms. However you connect to the divine is as unique as you. I invite you to connect inward.

Set aside at least 10 minutes every day to connect back to your source through:

  • Prayer

  • Mediation

  • Journaling

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Nature

Essential Questions:

Reveal yourself to me in a way that I can recognize and anchor into.

  • What do you want to express through me?

  • What is your idea for me in this life?

Remember you are one with THE ONE and there is never a time too late to build a personal relationship with the Lover of your SOUL.

May you find peace in your mind and in that peace create a better world for us all!

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