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Spiritual Hygiene: How to move through Empathic Overwhelm

Set boundaries. 'No' is a complete sentence.

As an empath, boundaries are essential. Empaths often feel so full of other people’s emotions that they lose track of their own needs. Learning to say ‘no’ more, knowing when to step away from situations, and prioritizing self-care, is a must!

If you have a person in your life who you find particularly draining, set boundaries and decide how much of your energy you’re going to give them. This could mean pointing them to other forms of support, or simply turning down a social invitation now and then.

You can pause notifications on your phone and shut down your electronic devices in the evening.

Visualization Techniques

If you’re going into a scenario that you know is going to be draining – a crowded space or a particularly difficult conversation – it’s worth trying a visualization technique.

Imagine you are enveloped in a white light. This will be a barrier between you and the person you’re speaking to, so while you can continue to engage in conversation, you’re protected from taking on their emotions.

Get back to nature regularly

Nature has a wonderfully grounding effect, helping you to clear your mind and feel closer to the earth.

If you can, aim to get outside often and seek out green areas. Taking time to notice the leaves on a tree, or clouds in the sky, can help you anchor yourself in the moment and feel more connected to yourself and your emotions and walk barefoot on the grass. Early morning air is amazing!

Try these out and drop me a line to let me know if these resonate with you.

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