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Spiritual Hygiene: Feminine Energy

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I have a Spiritual Hygiene challenge I want to throw your way this month.

Have you heard, felt or experienced the difference between masculine and feminine energies within yourself?

Culturally, especially in America, our systems and structures and even.... money are largely built from masculine energies.

But what does it look like to spend, create and call in money from the feminine energy we all house within us?

Here comes the challenge, family...

Your feminine wilds are calling to you.

More money is calling to you.

If you've been thinking about manifesting and wondering how you can do more of it...

This is your sign.

It's time to allow yourself to shift from residing predominantly in the masculine, and dip your toes into the oceans of the feminine.

Especially when we're talking about receiving. This is a super powerful practice.

Here is an audio meditation you can use to assist with your shift!

Instead of so much efforting - can calling in money and your desires be really easy? Can the process have flow and surrender?

What is a deep desire or want you have been unable to bring into your reality?

Can you feel your way into it? Can you dance your way into it? Can you release the resistance?

As Fall is approaching, it is a great season for purging and letting go. Perhaps it's time to make a shift from one energy to another for a bit.

You've been pushing so hard. Allow for some flow. Let it come easily. When you find yourself worrying, lay it at the feet of the universe.

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