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Empathic Biz Tip: The Power of Connection

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

As we are navigating the Metaverse, finding ways to rise above the noise is imperative to connect with ideal clients; however I found the best way to connect with potential clients is still referrals.

Here are just a few portals of connection NOT on social media:

  1. Local Television and Cable Access: Believe it or not getting on your local news is easier than you think. You can pitch to be on a How To or personal growth segment. Take a glance at the various Awareness Months or Appreciations and see where you could fit and make a pitch.

  2. Be a Guest on Podcast: Podcast hosts are always looking for guests and there are plenty of groups that have hosts who are looking for YOU. You can even to go on iTunes and listen to shows in your niche and pitch that way too

  3. Meet Up: Yes… has tons of groups on many subjects and you can put in keywords and find a community to engage.

  4. Hosting your own Sister Circle: Creating a monthly circle can be a beautiful way to connect with like-hearted feminine leaders, especially for BIPOC communities. There are not enough safe spaces to co-create and once you get going you can rotate hosts.

  5. Affiliates and Referral Partners: Summoning the collective power of your community is priceless. You can make a list of 5-7 peeps who love you and your work and ask them to share your offerings. You can offer a percentage of sales or fixed dollar amount for their support.

  6. Getting consistent with either a blog, newsletter or YouTube channel: If you love to write or share content through video you maximize your presence with a blog and insert video from YouTube Channel or have your audio transcribed for a blog or newsletter. This way you have one piece of content split multiple ways. As an Empath your energy is precious.

Drop me a line here. Which of these resonates with you? Are you already doing some or all of these portals? Share your experience with me! Comment below...

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