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Empathic Biz Tip | Are You Out of Alignment?

Running a business and running a business as an Empath can have its challenges. So being in alignment with not only your values but also your energetics, natural rhythms and flow are essential! Here are some indicators you are out of alignment with your business.

Loss of Soul Satisfaction:

We are not always in love with every aspect of our business. However there is a soul satisfaction that happens when you complete your work. If you are feeling a sense of relief or anxiety, tune into that for clues to adjust.

Lack of Focus or Direction:

We all have moments, and if you are a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, then it stands to reason that if you feel torn, scattered or even unmotivated, you could be out of alignment with your business(es).

Check in to see if your are being productive or just busy. Morning Notes are a great way to reflect.

Journal Prompt
What is true for me at this moment? What must I let go of? What would I like to receive more of? If you can’t speak your needs, how would you like to feel?

You Aren’t Feeling Your Offers:

For many of my clients, one of their biggest struggles is creating a signature offer or moving from hourly to a package. Some have 1:1, corporate contracts, or group programs but they love what they do.

You may have traction, success or brilliance in an offer, but just aren’t feeling it. This can be an indication to evolve. You may consider turning your current program into a course or ebook. Repurpose, take a break, or retire your programs or offerings. The Divine can’t do for you, what it can do through you.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you. Maybe share how you got through it. Hit reply to share your thoughts.

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