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Can we hop on a call this week?

Hey Sisterhood Happy Monday!

I am so excited about the new journey I am embarking on in 2022!

As we are all aware there is a call for us to dive into deeper conversations and offerings in service to social justice and equity. We have witnessed and continue to witness the horrors of police brutality, mass shootings, increased academic inequity the through technical divide and our ever collapsing sick care system.

I believe that Empaths are here at such a time as this, so with that said, I am offering limited 1:1 programs and into group programming for established and scaling businesses feminine business owners.

I am proud to introduce to you The Circle of Power Sister Mind 10 Month Program!

My goal is to support as many empathic entrepreneurs to create a culture shift with their gifts and business. I have 3 spots available for the program. Inside this immersive 10 month program we will move through my


  • Inspiration

  • Clarity

  • Insights

  • Strategy

  • Visibility

We will co-create a life/biz vision that truly ignites you!

Support looks like:

💎 Clarity & confidence on the new boundaries that are wanting to be instilled

💎 Implementing structures to support those boundaries and, where applicable, communicating those boundaries to anyone that needs to hear them

💎 Identifying where (exactly) more structure can come into your business/life to free up your energy for more creative/ zone of genius things

💎 Set yourself to receive more support

So you can:

✨ Wake up feeling confident & excited for your day and all you’ve got going on

✨ Actually have and enjoy (guilt free) free time + nourish your body & soul

✨ Enjoy your work soooo much more

✨ Make more money with more ease (often making considerably more, while working considerably less)

✨ Focus your energy on where you truly most want to be putting it in!

You will need to schedule this call by Friday, May 20th 2022.

Over the next few days I will offer deep insights to help your mindset and drop into your heart and be guided by your spirit.

Here is the link to schedule your call:

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Emphatically Yours,


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