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What Will Be Your Personal Revolution?

We are in the wake of so much unrest on the planet right now. We are facing a crisis of consciousness and of spirit.

As we turn our attention and prayers toward Ukraine, let’s also pray for healing and heart transformation of the conditions that produce war, fear and tyranny.

As we stand in the gap for those war is waged upon, let us also be intercessors. Let us study war no more! Let us hold a vision of peace and vision justice for all humanity 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Adversity is sometimes the very thing that leads us to our destiny. For some of us we can satisfy it in formal education or training but then there is calling that has no name or formal title, it remains elusive or has many layers.

As a:

  • Creative

  • Spiritual

  • Curious

  • Empath

You may feel powerless and full of deep emotions that are hard to process. Life is a school and you will need to get comfortable with your inner wisdom and seek the answers to satisfy your soul.

We all know that we have adult obligations and bills to pay. However, what if we could be well compensated by being ourselves?

What if we can create both profit and impact?

What if we can live an uncompromised existence and create a cultural shift on how we interact with each other?

Each of us are coded with a unique blueprint that aids in the shaping of our world.

Many Empathic female identified leaders have been feeling an urge and foreboding of something coming. This is The Calling. We watched the unfolding of a global pandemic and racial reckoning of 2020 and right now we are still witnessing:

  • Terrorist groups over taking countries like Afghanistan

  • The embargo in Cuba hindering much needed vaccines

  • A 73 year old genocide of Palestinians

  • Upticks in violence against the AAPI community

  • The women of Juarez

  • No justice for Breonna Taylor and countless others

This is the fall out of a world that has lost its soul!

We need a revival! Empaths are the catalysts to incite a movement towards belonging and healing! Let it begin with us!

  • Taking inspired actions--writing letters to elected officials

  • Creating Art and writing poems

  • Recalibrating--clearing your energy and grounding yourself

  • Getting into alignment

  • Seeking new communities to share insights and experiences with fellow sisters who feel deeply,

  • Divest from acts of oppression--(Silence is also an action)

  • Allow ourselves to be witnessed and affirmed

You have been dancing to the beat of your own drum your whole life, why stop or question it now?

We suffer because we swallow and hide our brilliance.

The light you carry is the blessing for those who come behind you.

What is really holding you back from fully embracing The Calling?

  • Fear

  • Money

  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Unworthiness?

Remember the Great Architect (God Almighty) would never have put inside desire, the heart, and ability if away could be made!

In this season of chaos and grief we all need the healing and transformation that comes from you! Is there really a better time for a creative and spiritual revolution? It all starts with answering The Call.

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