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Woman of the Week | Nina Payne

Meet Nina Payne!

With a “get it done” attitude and a passion for Events, Projects and People, Nina Payne is the ultimate creative task manager; organized, efficient and dependable. As early as she can recall, Nina planned and managed events, projects and people. She was the friend within the group of friends who would plan all trips, parties and activities, etc. She would make sure that everyone had a schedule with all the details. Throughout her years at Eastern Michigan University where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management, she continued to plan parties, concerts and other events to pay her way through college.

Foundation Management, LLC, was birthed as an Artist Management & Special Events Company in 2000 while Nina worked 60 – 70 hours per week, climbing the “corporate ladder” at TWS Systems, Inc, a tech company. She began as an installer and was quickly promoted to Operations Director with 55 FTE and managing a 1.1 M budget in just a few years. After much deliberation, Nina decided to take a leap of faith and leave corporate America to pursue her passion as an entrepreneur.

In June 2004 Nina Payne became a full-time entrepreneur and she has never looked back. With pure focus and drive, FMLLC quickly grew into a competitive Artist Management & Events Company with numerous artists, musicians, comedians, etc in a few short years, grabbing the attention of national artist management & event companies. Nina has had the opportunity to travel the world while managing a variety of tours, concerts, festivals and other special events in the areas of artist, road, tour, project, production and event management.

Some of the talent included Diana Ross, Temptations, KEM, Vickie Winans, Anthony Anderson, Ledisi, Nephew Tommy, Patti Labelle, Steve Harvey and many more. In 2015, Nina made the decision to stay home more consistently to ensure her daughter’s success through high school and transition into college. With that decision made, Nina knew she would have to pivot the company in another direction. After gaining so much experience managing high-profile events, concerts, festivals and tours Nina decided to focus the company's efforts on Corporate Event Management.

Nina’s passion for producing amazing experiences through in-person and virtual events continues to grow and so does the client list. General Motors, Detroit Police Department, Buick, Detroit Public Safety Foundation, United Wholesale Mortgage, Detroit Grand Prix, Delta, Shell, ASAE Conference, Texas Black Expo, Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network, Michigan Tech Week, Ford, Bamboo Detroit, Detroit Startup Week, City of Detroit, The Aretha Amphitheater, EvokLife, DAPCEP, Margrove Conservancy and more… are a part of the FMLLC Family of Event Management Services. In 2023 Nina will launch “All Things Behind The Scenes; Events, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship” Video Podcast.

The purpose will be to highlight women who are making waves and impact behind the scenes in these fields in hopes of educating and encouraging others. With the help of a great team and clear vision, Nina has built Foundation Management LLC into a successful and flourishing company. She is just getting started.

As always, we thank you for supporting our WOW!

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