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Woman of the Week: Nicole Denson

Meet Nicole “Kqueen” Denson

Mother, Organizer, Artist, and Business Owner.

“Kqueen” defines herself as an unapologetically Black, Queer Woman.

Nicole is an Artist, Healer, and Community Engagement Strategist. Nicole Denson was born, raised and currently resides in Detroit.

She is the embodiment of her ancestor's wildest desires and imaginations. She has become infamous for speaking her truth no matter the cost. She dares to dream of a world where black girls and women will be free from violence and the burdens of our society. She is a daughter, and a mother whose family fondly describes her as intelligent, kind, eccentric, and quirky. Her hobbies drive her creativity through poetry, visual arts, body movement, gardening, cooking, napping, ancestral reverence, and crystal healing.

Nicole Denson has championed campaigns such as #metoo, Women's March, #Muterkelly, #Stopthebans, Fair and Equal Michigan, One Fair Wage, and Reproductive Freedom For All. She has also become recognized as an expert in direct service and developing advocacy programs focusing on intersectionality for over 20 years for trauma survivors. Nicole has advocated for crime victims within our criminal legal system, informing best practices and protocols nationally.

Nicole’s activism has reached the masses via ABC Worldwide News, Netflix, ColorLines, HBO, Lifetime, and the Washington Post.

In 2019, Nicole launched her consulting firm, Mosaic Collective Consulting, LLC. MOSAIC is a brand that emphasizes cultural humility, diversity, equity, and inclusion—offering research, interventions, and creative approaches to uplifting historically disenfranchised communities. MOSAIC has assisted in teaching thousands of individuals nationwide how to cultivate organizations, universities, and corporations properly for marginalized people.

Nicole recently launched her own non-profit-Sacred Society. Sacred Society provides a survivor relief fund, community support circles and a nationwide network for access and support for black girls and women impacted by domestic and sexual violence. Nicole believes in safety, body autonomy, access, and reproductive justice. Nicole currently serves as a board member for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan.

Nicole also is the Development Director for Michigan Voices. Nicole was critical in fundraising over 6.5 million dollars in Michigan towards issue-based advocacy and voting rights issues in 2022. Nicole thinks the most effective solution to end violence and intergenerational trauma is to create brave and inclusive spaces led by and for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals and services designed toward healing, learning, and liberation.

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