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Woman of the Week: Lenise Rose

Take a look at our featured Woman of the Week!

Meet Lenise Rose!

Lenise Rose helps individuals from all different walks of life achieve financial wellness and create a path toward building holistic wealth.

Lenise earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology in 1995, her Masters in Community Health Services and Counseling in 1999, and has obtained several certificates, licenses, and awards throughout the years since.

As a Holistic Wealth Building Coach, Lenise has experienced success and mastery in her personal financial wellness and is blessed to have the opportunity to support others on their wealth building journey.

As a Social Entrepreneur, she is dedicated to supporting her clients to achieve financial peace of mind and the ability to positively impact our world through purposeful giving. She specializes in helping social service professionals maximize the value of their skills and talents and become social entrepreneurs.

Clients say that Lenise has a unique skill in helping you build a healthy relationship with money and holistic wealth by lifting your consciousness into an abundance mindset.


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