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Woman of the Week | Kendall Bunch

Kendall Bunch is the Founder and CEO of KENNECT LLC.

KENNECT is a life coaching business she started in 2021 to help individuals claim their power, and become the person they've always dreamt of being. Whether that means living a purpose-driven, fulfilling life or becoming so confident that you demand attention just by walking in a room; Kendall gives her clients the tools they need to become HER.

Although her entrepreneurial journey started last year, life has been preparing Kendall for this venture for a long time. Growing up, she played tennis and received a full athletic scholarship to Southern University and A&M College. From there, she received a bachelor's degree in Public Relations. About 6 months post-grad, Kendall realized the reason she studied communications in college was because she wanted to be a TV personality. However, she thought PR would afford her more opportunities, which is why she chose to concentrate in that field... but she didn't let another moment pass by without pursuing her dreams.

Kendall started her own media brand called 'Kenni Live,' where she interviewed celebrities at various events. This allowed her to gain experience in broadcast, but she knew she needed more knowledge in the industry. So, she completed a four week course at New York Film Academy. The following year, she went to grad school at Temple University. She graduated from Temple with her master's degree in journalism and a news anchor/reporter job waiting for her.

Although she landed her dream job, it didn't pay much and she knew she wanted to build multiple streams of income.

Kendall always considered herself a student of life and a lot of her friends and family would come to her for advice. (She was also a shy girl who grew up to be a news anchor talking in front of hundreds of thousands of people on TV, which she knew could be inspiring for some people.)

She loved watching personal development and relationship videos, and one day, one of her favorite relationship coaches mentioned his Life Coach Certification course. So she decided to sign up for it.

One year later, she left her career as a TV journalist to fully pursue KENNECT.

Kendall officially launched her website on September 2.

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