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Woman of the Week | Ixchel Lunar

Ixchel Lunar pronounced (ee-shell loo-nahr) pronouns (They/We/Ella) is a writer and reluctant social media influencer, who focuses on decolonizing time and exploring alternative ways of living with and relating with Time and our place in cosmos.

They are a vocal advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples to land stewardship. As a former vice-Mayor, they bring diverse skills as a Decolonial Time Mender and High Flow Coach to support revolutionary leaders in mending their kinship with time and place.

As an indigenous, queer, vision-impaired, neuro-emergent medicine carrier, Ixchel, after escaping growing fascism in the US in 2017, spent time in the highland jungle of Nicaragua, learning from sloths and observing the Nicaraguan uprising against oppression until 2022 and then rematriated to their ancestral land of Mexico.

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