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Woman of the Week: Francina Kahl

Take a look at our featured Woman of the Week!

Francina Kahl is the founder and owner of Be Still Tea. She was born in Zimbabwe and has lived in the United States for over 23 years. She is currently living in Southern California with her husband of 20 years, raising their 5 children.

Francina's passion for tea, stories, and connection with people led her to make her dream a reality, and she started her business “Be Still Tea” in March of 2020.

Her own Stillness journey led her to begin embracing her own story. Be Still Tea exists to help people develop their own practice of Stillness through the beauty and practice of drinking tea. In doing so they can learn to listen to their lives, embrace their story, and find themselves.

She has many dreams and aspirations to change the world by sharing the message of Stillness. She believes that at our very core, we know who we are. We just need to create space to connect with ourselves and remember where we came from.

It is from that place of connection that we will bring the very best of who we are.

That is our gift to the world!


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