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Woman of the Week: Ellen Chamberlain

Renowned ghostwriter and storyteller, Ellen Chamberlain, is unlocking the secrets to telling your story authentically. Ellen has ghostwritten memoirs for activists, artists, and entrepreneurs. Now, she's teaching women to write their life stories with polish and professionalism.

Hire Her:

Storyteller Ellen Chamberlain is expanding her offerings to include audio editing! If you're a podcaster or in need of voice-over services, she's offering a 10% discount on your first project with her when you mention Culture Shift(HERS) Unite!

Feel free to shout me out in your podcast and tag me when you drop the episodes! The way my gym life is set up these days, I'm loving opportunities to engage with all of your content. And I'd be delighted to hear you sounding crisp, clear, and professional thanks to Ellen's expertise. Email her at today!

Ellen Chamberlain (She/Her)

(ghost)Writer | Public Speaker | Producer

IG: @esaidshesaid

She can come to the cookout 😉

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