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Woman of the Week: Cassandra Ohelo

Take a look at our featured Woman of the Week!

Cassandra Ohelo (she/they) is a Director of Operations.

She oversees day-to-day activities of a statewide Native Hawaiian HUD-approved housing counseling agency and community lending institution to low-/moderate-income native communities to achieve and realize self-sufficiency.

She has served in leadership roles in Grants Writing & Management, Training, Community Development, Policy, and Project Management.

Her work and volunteer experience spans across the nonprofit industry throughout different sectors including environmental & cultural preservation, food sustainability, DV/IPV, and Economic self-sufficiency.

She has a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University.

Cassandra was born and raised in Mākaha, O’ahu Island, and currently lives in Honolulu with her 14-year-old son Jadis-Anthony, and three cats Jinx, Cleo, and Boba.

As an ‘ohana, they enjoy spending time together at the beach, hanging out with family/chosen family, and trying new foods. The last family dining experience was dim sum, and they look forward to dining out again one day.

“I am humbled to be given this opportunity to continue this important work of bridging shared experiences for BIPOC communities, and I look forward to learning from others who are experts in their field.

Being a part of reigniting the power & resilience engrained in BIPOC by gathering and reclaiming what is innately within us, excites me.”

Three things she needs:

  • Resources in the form of support groups for mothers raising teenage Black boys (understanding their developmental growth, rebellion, motivation, inspiration, etc.);

  • Business development insight: looking to move away from the nonprofit industrial complex work and into entrepreneurial spaces; and

  • Any resources or insight available with creating a YouTube channel or other creative outlets for new entrepreneurs.



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