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Spiritual Hygiene: The Power of the Flame 🔥

Have you ever lit a candle during prayer or sacred ceremony and noticed the flame seemed to be alive?

Well… it is.

Before you light your candle, set an intention.

Take a few breaths to ground your energy and hold within you the intention you’re creating and/or a question that you have curiosities about.

If you’d like to experiment with the Power of the Flame (in a safe environment, of course)

Here is a breakdown of what different types of flames mean:

🔥 Stands taller: indicates that what you want is coming, your question has been heard and what you want is being delivered to you with ease in divine timing.

🔥 Gets smaller: indicates that you need to re-shift your focus or perhaps are looking or searching for something that is not aligned with your higher destiny. Reframe your way of thinking about things.

🔥 Flickers: indicates that what you want is coming about however, there may be some road bumps along the way or challenges to overcome first. This indicates a lot of growth for you in regards to your question but a positive outcome.

🔥 Leans left: you need to go back and look towards your past in order to move forward. Your past contains wisdom for you that will help with the answer to your question. Your past holds the answers you are looking for.

🔥 Leans right: you are sending out strong intentions that are being heard and listened to, however there may be more time needed before what you want will come your way. You would benefit from keeping your mind clearer and more focused on what you desire.

​🔥 Leans towards you: you hold the key to getting what you want and gaining the answers you seek. You know more than you allow yourself to realize. The answers have already been given to you and you know what to do, you just need to remember.

🔥 Leans away from you: you need to take physical actions to bring about what you want. You need to also pay attention to the mind-body connection and be kinder to your body and support it with exercise, nourishing foods, sleep, etc.

🔥 Goes blue: Heaven is near you and knows what you desire. Follow the signs of the Most High and it will lead you to where you need to be. Also, an indication that you have strong intuitive energies and are ready to connect with your spirit guides and angels if you haven’t already. Give yourself permission to talk to them now.

🔥 Goes bright yellow: You need to get creative in order to bring what you desire into your life. You have creative energy that needs to be unlocked and will help you on your journey. Can also indicate success in a creative field.

🔥 Crackles: Your angles, ancestors or higher-self have been trying to communicate with you, but you are unable to hear. You need to open your heart and clear your mind in order to receive their message.

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