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Spiritual Hygiene: The Power of the Father!

Photo credit: Om Swami

When we think of the archetypical Father it can trigger notions of patriarchy, religious abuse or jar our own bad experiences with the masculine. However, we are in the season of the masculine. Spring and Summer in the Western hemisphere. These seasons are full of new life and activities. The sun rises earlier and sets later. There is warmth, vitality and vigor on the planet. No matter where you are on the gender spectrum. Here are some ways to tap into the masculine. The divine spark or fire can help us to complete tasks, take a bolder stance in convictions and raise our vibration!

When it comes to healthy masculine energy, here are FIVE Attributes that are commonly associated with positive expressions of masculinity:

Strength and Resilience:

Healthy masculine energy embraces physical and emotional strength while maintaining resilience in the face of challenges. It involves the ability to persevere, bounce back from adversity, and support others through difficult times. Strength is not solely limited to physical prowess but also encompasses inner fortitude and emotional well-being.

Accountability and Integrity:

The masculine can embody healthy masculine energy and take responsibility for their actions and choices. They exhibit integrity by aligning their behavior with their values and principles. This attribute involves being honest, trustworthy, and reliable, fostering an environment of trust and respect in relationships and interactions.

Courage and Assertiveness:

Healthy masculinity includes the courage to take risks, face fears, and speak up when necessary. It involves assertiveness in expressing needs, boundaries, and beliefs while respecting the rights and perspectives of others. Courageous masculine energy can lead by example, advocate for justice, and create positive change in their communities.


Discipline involves the ability to regulate one's actions, thoughts, and behaviors in pursuit of goals and personal growth. Masculine energy embraces discipline, exhibiting self-control, consistency, and a commitment to follow through on their responsibilities and commitments. It establishes routines, prioritizes tasks effectively, and maintains a strong work ethic. By cultivating discipline, individuals can achieve success, overcome obstacles, and maintain a sense of structure and purpose in our lives.


Focus refers to the ability to concentrate one's attention and energy on a specific task, goal, or objective. Healthy masculine energy is able to direct focus towards priorities, blocking out distractions and maintaining mental clarity. It demonstrates determination and persistence in their pursuits, allowing them to make progress and achieve their desired outcomes.

Focus enables us to maximize our productivity, make informed decisions, and stay on track towards their aspirations.


It's important to note that healthy masculine energy is not rigidly defined and can manifest differently in individuals based on their unique personalities, backgrounds, and cultural influences.

These attributes serve as guiding principles, encouraging men to embrace positive qualities that promote personal growth, healthy relationships, and the well-being of themselves and those around them.

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