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Spiritual Hygiene | Support Your Vibration

As Empaths we are here to support humanity to evolve and grow, and we do this by feeding our spirits first.

Whatever we desire in a frequency above where we find ourselves.

Here are a few ways to support your vibrations.

Tuning Fork:

Tuning forks are amazing for getting into alignment. Tuning forks that are set at 527 Hz or higher, bring us into LOVE. Love vibrates at 527 Hz. If you are a reiki practitioner, you can lay your hands on the fork for even more potency. Even if not, you can also send your prayers into it too.

Heart Meditations:

Place your hands on your heart and envision either green or pink around your heart and repeat to yourself: “I am safe. I am at peace.” This song is an amazing mantra: Beautiful Chorus!


There are so many techniques for breathwork, but here is a short exercise for you in the mornings!

Focus on breathing: Reduce Stress from the Mind!

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