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Resting a Matriarch

Ancestor Rising: 

My mother made her return home 2 weeks ago.  she was surrounded by her family. I had the honor and privilege to walk her home. My mother knew she was going into the loving arms of God and her faith and dedication to the mission of love was unwavering. 

In the quiet hours of the night, as I sit with memories that twine around my heart like vines, I am reminded of the profound impact my mother had on my life. 

Her presence was a melody, weaving through the tapestry of my existence, guiding me with the wisdom of generations past. Today, as I navigate the depths of grief and loss, I am compelled to share her story—a testament to the resilience, strength, and grace of a spiritual and socially conscious Black woman.

My mother was a beacon of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Born into a lineage of resilience, she carried the legacy of her ancestors with dignity and pride.

 From her, I learned the power of resilience in the face of adversity, the courage to stand tall in the midst of storms, and the unwavering faith that sustains the soul in times of despair.

As a spiritual guide, my mother infused every moment with a profound sense of purpose. Her faith was not just a belief system; it was a lifeline that connected her to something greater than herself. In her presence, I found solace and strength, knowing that her spirit would always be with me, guiding me through life's myriad challenges.

But my mother was more than just a spiritual mentor; she was also a fierce advocate for social justice. Raised in a world that often sought to silence her voice, she refused to be confined by the chains of oppression. Instead, she spoke out against injustice, lending her voice to those who had been silenced by systemic racism and inequality.

In her passing, I am reminded of the importance of carrying forward her legacy. As a Black woman, I inherit not only her strength and resilience but also the responsibility to continue the fight for justice and equality. I vow to honor her memory by amplifying the voices of the marginalized, by standing in solidarity with those who are oppressed, and by striving to create a world where all are treated with dignity and respect.

Though my heart aches with the weight of her absence, I find comfort in the knowledge that her spirit lives on within me and within all those whose lives she touched. As I bid farewell to my beloved mother, I am filled with gratitude for the time we shared, the lessons she taught, and the love she bestowed upon me. May her legacy endure for generations to come, a testament to the indomitable spirit of a spiritual and socially conscious Black woman.

I love you so much. I am a product of love, faith and service! 




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