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Recognizing Pride Month

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I'm dedicating every first and third Wednesday to honoring black and minority women who are uplifting the community, plus some dope allies 💜

Culture shifts, Culture!

You too can celebrate these women by:

  • Following them on social media

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  • Share her information with others

  • Send her a word of encouragement or appreciation

We are Fem 365 on these here streets, but I have been working with our girls on the rise of feminism and womanist movements.

Take a look at our women of the week! We are recognizing some amazing queer businesses owners and thought partners:

Meet Ellen Chamberlain:

Renowned ghostwriter and storyteller, Ellen Chamberlain, is unlocking the secrets to telling your story authentically. Ellen has ghost-written memoirs for activists, artists, and entrepreneurs. Now, she's teaching women to write their life stories with polish and professionalism.

Click here to reserve your spot in her new, on-demand online course. For information on Ellen's other services and offerings, click here: Work with E

Ellen Chamberlain (She/Her)

(ghost)Writer | Public Speaker | Producer

IG: @esaidshesaid

Check out my TED talk! See her TedTalk

Meet Ronnie Morgan:

Ronni Morgan is a queer, disabled artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She draws inspiration primarily from the political climate surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community, women's rights, and the firm belief that church and state should not coincide. Some of her work is simply to make people laugh because we need a lot more of that in the world. "It means so much to me when people are looking at my stickers and shirts, smiling, laughing, feeling seen. It fills me up." You can find Ronni's work on her website, You can also follow her health journey by going to her blog,

Meet Deidre Dssense Smith:

D.S. Sense is widely recognized as an MC, singer, songwriter, activist, public speaker and entrepreneur with an extensive recording and performance resume. Her relationship with her hometown is reflected in the phrase that is both her personal motto and her brand: “On My Detroit Everything”.

She is also the creator and facilitator of S.Y.M.M.Y.S. (Speak Your Mind, Mind Your Speech), a workshop geared towards teaching community building and restorative justice through the principles and elements of hip hop.

Check out her article in Pride Source and here is a evocative video performance for Juneteenth:

Running Your Business According to the Seasons: Harnessing the Power of Nature for Success!

As a feminine business owner, understanding the ebb and flow of the seasons can provide you with valuable insights and opportunities to optimize your business strategies. By aligning your business operations with the different seasons, you can tap into the inherent energy and rhythm of nature, boosting productivity, customer engagement, and overall success. In this article, we'll explore practical tips on how to run your business according to the seasons and leverage this powerful approach to achieve sustainable growth.

Embrace the Cycle: Each season brings its unique characteristics and influences, which can significantly impact consumer behavior and market trends. By recognizing and adapting to these seasonal changes, you can position your business to capitalize on new opportunities and meet the evolving needs of your target audience.

Spring: Spring symbolizes growth and renewal. It's a time to revitalize your business strategies, update your product or service offerings, and engage with your customers in a fresh and exciting way. Consider launching new marketing campaigns, refreshing your website, or introducing limited-time promotions to generate buzz and attract new customers.

Summer: Summer represents energy, abundance, and leisure. Leverage the vibrant summer spirit by organizing events, hosting outdoor activities, or collaborating with other businesses for joint promotions. Take advantage of the vacation season by offering travel-related products or services, creating summer-themed content, and connecting with your audience through social media campaigns.

Autumn: Autumn signifies change, introspection, and preparation. Use this season to evaluate your business's performance, set goals for the upcoming year, and plan for any necessary adjustments. Consider offering special promotions or discounts to engage customers during the back-to-school and holiday seasons. Embrace the fall aesthetic in your branding and content to create a sense of familiarity and seasonal connection.

Winter: Winter embodies reflection, coziness, and celebration. Tailor your business approach to align with the winter atmosphere by introducing holiday-themed products, running year-end sales, or launching charitable initiatives. Focus on fostering strong customer relationships by expressing gratitude and offering personalized experiences. Use the quieter season to strategize, refine your business plan, and invest in professional development opportunities.

Adapt Your Marketing: Aligning your marketing efforts with the seasons can enhance customer engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. Tailor your messaging, visuals, and promotions to resonate with the prevailing seasonal themes and emotions. Leverage relevant keywords, hashtags, and trending topics to maximize your online visibility. Consider incorporating seasonal imagery, colors, and symbols in your website, social media content, and advertising materials to create a cohesive and compelling brand experience.

Seasonal Product Offerings: Introduce seasonal products or services that align with the needs and preferences of your target audience during specific times of the year. Whether it's a limited edition product, a seasonal menu, or a specialized service, providing offerings that cater to the unique demands of each season can create a sense of excitement and exclusivity. Collaborate with suppliers, local artisans, or other businesses to develop joint seasonal offerings and expand your reach.

Engage with Local Communities: Seasonal changes often coincide with local events, festivals, or traditions. Participate in community activities, sponsor local events, or collaborate with nearby businesses to tap into the collective enthusiasm and foster a sense of community connection. Engaging with the local culture and supporting community initiatives can enhance your brand's reputation and create valuable networking opportunities.

Running your business according to the seasons allows you to tap into the natural rhythms of the world around you, enabling you to adapt, innovate, and succeed. By embracing the characteristics of each season, aligning your marketing efforts, introducing seasonal offerings, and engaging with local communities, you can create a business that not only thrives but flourish!

Darling Dinner

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