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Power of the Month | UNDERSTANDING

Monthly Power: Understanding (intuition)

Disciple: Thomas

Color: Gold

Location in the body: Front Brain


“My understanding knows everything in my life has a meaning for my good. I am in a perpetual state of renewal, an ever-unfolding expression of infinite LIFE.”

Monthly Power: Understanding (intuition)

Disciple: Thomas

Color: Gold

Location in the body: Front Brain

July presents a beautiful opportunity for us to explore and embrace the power of understanding. As we move through this month, we can reflect on how our perspectives, beliefs, and experiences shape the way we view the world and connect with others. Understanding is a vital force for growth, empathy, and connection. Take a moment to consider the transformative power of understanding in your own life.

Reflect on these questions:

1. How has your understanding of others and their experiences evolved over time?

2. Think about a time when someone truly understood you. How did it impact you?

3. How does cultivating understanding help build stronger relationships and foster empathy?

4. In what ways does understanding enhance harmony and cooperation within communities?

5. What challenges have you faced in seeking understanding, and how have you overcome them?


Take some time to journal about a situation or relationship where you desire a deeper level of understanding. It could be a personal or professional relationship, a societal issue, or even an internal struggle. 

Reflect on your thoughts and feelings about this topic and consider these prompts:

1. What led to the lack of understanding in this situation or relationship?

2. How might gaining a deeper understanding positively impact the dynamics and outcomes?

3. Are there any assumptions or biases that hinder your ability to understand the other person or the situation? How can you challenge or address them?

4. What steps can you take to foster better understanding and open lines of communication?

5. How might you approach this situation or relationship with curiosity, empathy, and a genuine desire to understand? REMEMBER

Understanding is an ongoing journey that requires active engagement and open-heartedness. Embrace the power of understanding as you navigate through July and beyond, fostering personal growth, meaningful connections, and positive change. As we do so, we contribute to a more just and compassionate world, grounded in the spiritual principles of love and respect for all.

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