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Power of the Month: POWER

Focusing on the 12 Powers of Man sounds like a powerful spiritual practice. It's about nurturing and cultivating qualities within ourselves that can help us navigate life's challenges with grace and wisdom, much like Jesus did with his disciples. How do you incorporate these powers into your daily routine?

Power: Self-mastery and spiritual presence.

Disciple: Philip - He represents the power we have over our thoughts and feelings.

Color: Purple

Location: Throat


I am an individualized expression of Spirit, the One power and presence.

I become increasingly aware of my inner faculty of power. I feel my internal power expanding, energizing, and renewing me from within! In mind, body, and consciousness, I am invigorated. Nothing is stronger than the power and love of God that is within me and with this power, I can align and co-create with the infinite!

Reflection Questions:

1. What is power, and how is it acquired and exercised in different contexts?

2. How does power affect social relationships and dynamics, and what are some of the consequences of power imbalances?

3. What are some of the ethical considerations involved in exercising power, and how can power be used responsibly and ethically?

4. How do different forms of power (e.g. political, economic, social, cultural) intersect and reinforce one another?

5. How can individuals and groups resist or challenge power structures, and what are some of the strategies and tactics that can be used for this purpose?

6. How does power shape our perceptions of ourselves and others, and how can we cultivate awareness and critical thinking around these issues?

7. How does power influence access to resources, opportunities, and decision-making processes, and what are some of the implications of these disparities?

8. How can we use our own power and privilege to advocate for marginalized communities and promote social justice? Afrm: The presence and power of Spirit now manifest in me and through me. I use my inner power for good in our world.

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