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Power of the Month: Order

Order: The spiritual power for this month is represented by the disciple James, son of Alphaeus.

The coordinating color is olive green and the physical location is the navel.

September is the 9th month and 9 is symbolic of endings. As we prepare for the end of the season, let us get our houses in order. Order starts with the establishment of this concept in our thinking and then works from within.

At first thought, in establishing order, we may think first in terms of urging systems and methods on other people. This is not the purpose of this [Power]. We must first work on ourselves and then, from harmonious, happy feelings within, bring forth God-ideas into our immediate environment.

This is a great time to clean and clear our personal spaces, review our books and get our finances in order.

Journal Prompt:

  • What areas of your life require order and what support do you need?

  • How can you create more time in your schedule for reflection and review?

  • Do you find it difficult to let things/situations go? If so, what are some unhealthy attachments you have?

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