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Power of the Month: Faith

Faith is the spiritual power for this month.

Disciple: Peter

Color: Blue  

Location: Center of the Brain (pineal gland)

Believe, trust, and allow your faith to grow

Affirmation: Faith blesses my day and paves my way.

In the realm of soulful business, our Faith becomes a guiding force, an inner knowing that beckons the Truth yet to manifest in our tangible world.

The sacred dwelling of Faith lies not just within, but at the center of our head, nestled between ears and eyes. Placing our Faith solely in what we see or hear externally limits its power, yielding results in kind.

Yet, as Culture Shift(Hers) we have the power to center our Faith on our inner vision and inner hearing. Through prayer, we cultivate this faculty, unlocking the potential bestowed upon us by God. In this intentional alignment, our results transcend, embodying the elevated realization of our spiritual essence.

At its pinnacle, Faith is orchestrated by our spiritual nature, emanating from the Christ center atop our crown. As soulful biz coaches, we hold the reins of our Faith, shaping its trajectory and consequently dictating the outcomes that unfold in our lives. In this dance, we become architects of our destiny, shaping a reality that resonates with the depth of our spiritual being.

Reflection Question: How can you cultivate more faith?  

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