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It's WOW Wednesday! ✨

Greetings !

I dedicate every first and third Wednesday to honoring black and minority women who are uplifting the community!

Culture shifts, Culture!

You too can celebrate these women by:

  • Following them on social media

  • Donate or patronize

  • Share her information with others

  • Send her a word of encouragement or appreciation

Take a look at our featured Woman of the Week!

Meet Supriya Prasad (Sue-PRE-Yah PrAH-SAHD)

Supriya has been a part of the metaphysical world since she was 12 years old when her own mother had a spiritual awakening.

Ever since then she started to make sense of what she has already been experiencing most of her life which was her spiritual gifts.

She’s a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient or otherwise known as an empath!

She has spent the last decade working in some of the biggest companies around the US and in the world.

After getting tired of the corporate BS she decided to start her own business which was originally a social media marketing agency.

She later found that her clientele was leaning towards a certain type of industry, holistic health wellness, and spiritual coaches.

After leaving her job in January of 2020 she renamed her business to The Spirit Digital and started coaching people in the spiritual world which included yoga teachers mindset coaches, and ayurvedic shop owners.

It wasn't until she took a trip to Mexico that she got the idea for Business Chakras, which came as a download on the beaches of Tulum!

The Business Chakras is a system where the chakras in your body represent each part of your business.

Today, Supriya is known as The Energy Healer for Businesses as she uses her business chakra system to heal businesses all over the world on a spiritual and technical marketing level.

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