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Imaginations Are Portals, Creativity Heals

It has been a rough last few months if I may be honest.

From Meta shutting down both my personal Facebook page and community page for The Power of Girlhood...

To the IG account for The Power of Girlhood being disabled.

I have felt the deepest sense of violations and rage.

Not to mention moving through having Covid and being in and out of the doctor’s office for blood work tests.

I know I am not alone in the collective grief we are feeling on the planet for Ukraine.

Nor am I the only one not satisfied with the battle here on our shores for Critical Race Theory and the need for judicial reform in our courts and justice as a whole.

It has not fallen short on me that most recently in Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill banning classroom conversations about sexual orientation.

This is why for me it is harmful to block out our very real human emotions and our deep and inextricable connection to each other.

We are still in the wake of nearly 3 years of a global pandemic and people are still being impacted and contracting the virus.

How do we get to “Love and Light” if we don’t first explore Fear and Shadow?

I know that many of you here are empaths with a sacred calling to build businesses that center the mind, body and soul of those to whom you are called to serve.

I also imagine that as you are seeking to build and scale your businesses, you imagine a better world is possible and that through your gifts as an Empath.

You have perhaps found yourself recently in a Dark Night of the Soul and Righteous Indignation.

Dear Visionary + Empath I am inviting you to have a conversation with Fear and meet with your Shadow.

The power of your gift and purpose here on the planet right now is to hold the high watch and with your nature of deep feeling, intuition and precognition, you are able to process the emotions of others and the higher wisdom available to you.

This is why art for empaths is so important.

You don't have to pursue art as a full time career path but it is super important that you carve out time to be creative.

Pick a discipline that you feel led to explore!

Creativity has often been used inside social movements to help the soul to reconcile itself.

For example the rise of comic books became popular in the late 1930’s cira World War II... the nation needed symbols of hope and peace.

SuperMan and Wonder Woman quickly rose in popularity.

“Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Black Panther is often credited as the first Black superhero, having debuted in Marvel's Fantastic Four #52 in 1966, but in 1947 Black journalist Orrin C Evans created All-Negro Comics, the first ever all-Black comic book” - cited from Black Super Hero

Our imaginations are portals, not just for creating something new.

Whatever we can hold in our consciousness will become a reality and music is another tool for us! There are transcendental artists who’s empathic gifts have blessed generations.

Here are just a few: Earth, Wind and Fire, Sting, Nina Simone, George Michael, Herb Alpret, Beethoven, King David, Fela Kunti, Prince, Carol King, Simon and Garfunkel, and Marvin Gaye

Every generation has a voice and movement. There are artists who not only tap the roots of their soul’s, but help us tap ours.

Music for the empath is not just something ambient but rather a sonic chamber of healing and transformation.

Where would you be without your favorite artists?

Moreover, where would you be if your favorite artist did not sit with their demons and channel the deeper and darker emotions into music that has saved your life?

In conclusion, what I'd like to ask of you is wherever you may find yourself as you read this, and whatever emotions you are feeling that are emerging, allow them to breathe and find their way to the surface.

When you feel overwhelmed look to the roots of your feelings. Perhaps they are not even yours, but what is moving through the collective.

As the Visionary + Empath we are here to express, share our wisdom and usher in a new era of deeper connections and heal the world of chaos and disconnection.

Why else would you be here?

You are here with a deep purpose and calling to use your power of inspiration, connection and insights.

The world we knew three years ago is dead. We are global citizens and of spiritual beings who chose to come at this hour to teach, love, and be loved.

Your soul contract was filled with obstacles as a training ground for the ultimate calling which is your work in the world.

In these initiations the fear, darkness, rage and despair are not to be avoided or even wished away!

You are a brilliant being of light and frequency. Feel into the Spirit of the Living God to reach your inner core truth. That is where you will find your freedom!

Remember, as you get free you are a demonstration of freedom for others!

⚡️ Ber-Henda

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Meg Collier
Meg Collier
Mar 16, 2022

Thank you for shining YOUR light!!

Ber-Henda Williams
Ber-Henda Williams
Mar 16, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much seeing me!


rose kaz
rose kaz
Mar 15, 2022

⚡️ In solidarity and sparkles !! Thank you for your brilliance B ⚡️

Ber-Henda Williams
Ber-Henda Williams
Mar 15, 2022
Replying to

Ase! Sister Rose…ase ❤️

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