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Imagination is the Eye of Consciousness

Monthly Power: Power Disciple: Bartholomew Color: Light Blue Location in the body: Between the eyes (third eye or first eye)

Our imagination is our ability to shape and form the unformed mental energy around us. Imagination is the eye of consciousness.

Our imagination allows us to move past the world of appearances.

Let's put our imaginations to work!

What is a situation in your business or life right now that you have been struggling with? Your intuition or higher self is just a call away! Our brains are stimulated with music and dance. Here is a short playlist to help move through your questions.

Instead of saying: Why can’t I….?

Say: How might I ….?


Who needs my offerings right now?

What resources are available to me right now?

These are just a few examples to use but you can come up with your own and journal what comes up. You can even go for a walk or hike with these questions and get answers.

  • Meditation: I involve my imagination in all my prayers and meditations envisioning the good that Spirit has for me!

  • Playlist: Listen Here

  • Empathic Type: Dream Empath

Dream Empath

Dream empaths can receive intuitive information from dreams that helps themselves and others, Dr. Orloff says. That’s because these types of empaths are typically gifted at clearly remembering dreams, so they’re able to source wisdom from, say, a talking fox, or a deceased relative. A dream empath is also someone who’s able to read between the lines and tease meaning from their own dreams and those of others.

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