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Empathic Biz Tip | Healing Our Money Wounds

Do you find it difficult to talk about money?

I know it used to be a struggle. It’s uncomfortable but it impacts us all. Whether we have a little, a lot, or somewhere in between, our lives are impacted.

As a Culture Shift(Hers) Biz Coach for Visionary+Empaths, I struggled with this because I wanted to share with as many Empaths as possible how to use their gifts of being Empathic with everyone.

For this reason, I am offering a 3-Day Virtual Retreat for Culture Shift(Hers) to support feminine empathic business owners to not only develop their gifts but to create structures, flow and systems for their businesses.

I used to believe that I had to figure out everything on my own and that I had to follow “the leaders” so that I would be successful.

I had to learn many painful lessons because many so-called successful and spiritual coaches did not have the cultural understanding to support me or were not trauma informed.

So many of my clients have ACE scores or Adverse Child Experience scores of 6 or higher.

Many Empaths are Neurodivergent, so as we are building our businesses we have often considered our makeup.

I had to break up with cultural agreements that suggested I had to work harder and smarter than my male counterparts.

I had to understand that I am a kinesthetic learner so I am someone who needs to be actively engaged in their learning.

We are 'tactile' learners who use movement, testing, trial and error and a non-traditional learning environment to retain and recall information.

Healing was needed and not just from an intellectual standpoint but in the body and cellular memory.

"The money wound was deeper than the mindset but trapped in a false identity that somehow money was evil and that even the attempt to do was out of my reach or something that would corrupt me."

Some thoughts were:

  1. There is not enough money to go around.

  2. It takes money to make money.

  3. It's greedy for me to want more.

  4. If I become wealthy, people will hate me.

  5. I'm not worthy.

These are just some drivers and context for why this community convening is commencing.

Your business is not just a way of making a living but it creates a social impact and can take stand for equity and inclusion. It can lend itself to generational healing and be a bridge for transformation.

Let’s make a plan! Imagine the clarity you can have to carve out your next season of biz clarity and success!

This retreat is an important opportunity for you to reset and calibrate as an empathic entrepreneur to the sacred space you so often hold for others.

The Culture Shift(Hers) Retreat is where you can do the inner work vital to building your business, receive the coaching you need to speak powerfully, and create a clear plan to implement everything you learn in a safe space!

Plus, a portion of this will go to The Power of Girlhood, a leadership program for girls 8-18.

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