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Culture Shift(hers) Unite Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors

"The Impact(Her)" TITLE SPONSORS:

Build Institute's mission is to empower people to launch ideas and grow businesses. With a primary focus on Blacks, Latinx, under-represented, and under-resourced community businesses, Build provides access to an equitable (w)holistic support system for ideators and early-stage business owners. We offer a safe and diverse co-working and meeting space, and can also provide early-stage capital, continuous education, and access to customers.

Question…What’s your signature?

Consider The Hause of Content when booking a photoshoot, videography or social media presence and deciding on what your signature is, consider tones, textures, and embodiment.

What is your aesthetic? How do you want to show up in your images?

This is an invitation to consider utilizing the @thehauseofcontent to help you cultivate YOUR esthetic. It’s rich and immersive with versatility that is expansive and intimate. Located in Downtown Detroit click below to level up your branding and imaging.

With Modern Media it’s not just design, it's personal! Modern Media Design is a multimedia design agency that provides a range of creative services to clients, including graphic design, web design and development, video production, voiceover, animation and branding. They work closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then create customized solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements. The team at Modern Media Design looks forward to working with you! Find out more about today by clicking below.

"The Shift(Hers)" Sponsors:

Black Leaders Detroit is a grassroots organization in Detroit that aims to promote equity and equal representation for Black leaders in the city. By providing resources, networking opportunities, and mentorships, BLD hopes to create a more equitable and just society where everyone has the chance to succeed, being truly reflective of the diversity and richness of its people.

Let us take the weight of financial management off your shoulders – with more than 20 years of experience, Bright Ledgers will help manage your financial needs so you can manage your business. Bright Ledgers is passionate about helping small and medium-sized business owners in establishing and maintaining their financial systems to allow them to focus solely on their day-to-day operations. Bright Ledgers is rewriting the narrative of business financials.

Have you ever been paralyzed to inaction because you were afraid to do or say the wrong thing? You aren't alone! US² Consulting has a solution for the isolation and inaction that so many people experience. With needs assessments to identify gaps that exist in current DEI initiatives, training to close those gaps, and coaching to enhance the tools of our clients, US² is the go-to full-service DEI consulting firm. Through eliminating the guilt and shame that often hinders progress within social justice, US² empowers its' clients to be the change they wish to see in the world. Recognizing that growth occurs in discomfort, US² facilitates conversations for organizations and individuals that impact peoples hearts - knowing that is what changes minds. Serving both large and small businesses across the globe, with an emphasis on fellow mission-driven businesses, US² would be honored to help you navigate your JEDI Journey!

If you're a dancer at heart who hasn't made much time lately to actually dance, I have a resource for you!

Dance Again is a welcoming space to rediscover your movement and momentum. They offer classes both online and in NYC, as well as online courses designed to help you get past the barriers that might be stopping you and to get your creativity moving.

You can get started TODAY with a free 13-day video series. Sign up by clicking below.

"The Culture" Sponsors:

Are you looking for co-working and community? Bamboo is an intentionally innovative community. Start and grow, or land and expand into our network. We’re a community of nearly 1,000 members that are dedicated to doing good work in Metro Detroit and beyond. We are a Modern workspace for doers and creators. Co-working, offices, and community to help individuals and teams thrive.

Are you an industry disruptor looking to get in front of the right audience to amplify your message? Deja Monee is a skilled PR and Communication strategist who will support you in your mission to messaging and audience connections.

Christina Fair is a Mom, wife, wellness advocate and entrepreneur, currently running two companies out of the Bamboo offices. She is the Founder and CEO of Reconnect, life and wellness coaching for busy women, as well as a Co-Founder and COO at Hum, a SaaS company that enables internet service providers to earn more revenue, automate service, and sell more bulk and resident choice deals.

Christina is proud to lead cohort based coaching programs that help women get unstuck and live their authentic lives. You can find her by clicking the button below.

Meg Collier is a Light Summoner and Coach on a mission to help people shine brighter. Through her business Rising Together LLC, Meg helps creative folks find clarity, feel better and get into action around their goals.

Meg helps creative folks navigate the peaks and valleys of self-employment, creative pursuits, and life in general.

You find Meg and Rising Together online by clicking below.

Are you looking for a community that helps create AND maintain the behind-the-scenes of running a business? Run Your Biz was created to help business owners find the right people, right platforms and tools, and the right plan to run your business while maintaining the day-to-day. If you have been struggling with running your business, you are invited to join Run Your Biz TODAY by clicking below.

HEKIMA Skincare is the premium body butter and balm product line designed to bring the comfort of mature women to the forefront of the self-care movement. Every woman can take care of their beautiful skin while preserving their pretty with HEKIMA. Keep that melanin poppin' at every age and stage with Hekima Skin Care!

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