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I will be on the panel for the next Sunrise Seminar hosted by Coterie Detroit!

Buy your tickets by clicking above! You know these things sell out so buy early!

@hourdetroitmagazineWe are so excited to be at @spotlightstagingdesign for their next seminar.

Social Media has us programmed for maximum interaction and constantly changes the algorithms, so we are developing a psychological need to check, post, go live, and take content.

Burnout is in the rear view mirror.

We'll be doing a deep dive into fear, actual results from going off SM, and backup contingency plans for if the whole thing falls apart.

Plus, a lot more!

Coffee and cookies will be available!





What you do is NOT who you are and yet what we do does impact our identity. There is so much more than a strategy and a network! This event is a building a community focused on intention+purpose! This is a gathering of feminine leader from the following sectors:

*Entrepreneurship & Small Business Leadership

*Community Outreach and Development

*Diversity Equity and Inclusion

*Corporate Social Responsibility

*Nonprofit Leadership

*Higher Education

*Program Development

*Arts and Culture


The anatomy of this event is rooted in a common bound of connection, growth and values!

Please consider that as you endeavor in your business, professional roles or creative pursuits it is amplified and co-created in community!

Event Theme:

Origin Story!

Remembering the Why and the process of becoming can support your forward movement!

Consider this event for your staff, team members or your business growth plan!

See you soon!


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