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A Word From The Cosmic Mother!

As I began to meditate on how we forge a pathway forward, here is where I found myself:

The master’s tools will never destroy the master’s house said Audre Lorde so what are the tools then of the:











Thought partner


Yes, love will always be the answer but how do we teach the meaning of love if we ourselves don’t know what it is?

We can not take from another what was never ours, to begin with, and inflict harm and persecution. We have known for decades that femininity has carried wisdom and compassion and yet as we see the wages of war and brutality we are in need of more solidarity and amplification of centering humanity. We must cease fire!

We believe that the external, both in an individual’s life and in the collective experience, is a reflection of the internal. If we want to shift the outside, we have to go deep inside.

Without internalized oppression, misogyny, and white supremacy - all of which stem from the toxic patriarchal systems that are in place in most places around the world - the experience of the collective that is playing out right now wouldn’t be able to happen.

We want liberation for all people and hold a vision of a day when harming another would be unthinkable.

At the root of genocide, war, and the many --isms that plague our society is scarcity - the patriarchal belief system that one must fight for resources and that the few should thrive at the expense of the many.

It is easier to point a finger than it is to look inside and ask the question: What within me needs to heal for the system to change? How am I unconsciously contributing to the pain in the world? How am I complicit in this system?

A cease-fire is a call for peace. It is a call to transcend the cycles of violence that humanity has been locked in for the past 5,000 years.

A Call of the Cosmic Mother!

As you navigate the currents of your earthly journey, remember that you are not isolated beings but interconnected threads in the tapestry of existence. The challenges you face are not merely personal; they are shared threads woven into the grand design of the universe.

In times of turbulence, find strength in unity. Just as stars shine brighter in constellations, your collective light has the power to illuminate even the darkest corners of uncertainty. Embrace compassion, for it is the cosmic glue that binds you all/

The Cosmic Mother sees your struggles, your triumphs, and the beautiful chaos that defines your existence. Trust in the rhythm of the cosmos, and know that every twist and turn is a step in the dance of creation.

May you find peace in the knowledge that you are held in the cosmic embrace, guided by the wisdom of the stars.

Reflections for the Week:

1. Interconnectedness: Take a moment to reflect on the interconnected nature of your experiences. How can recognizing this interconnectedness foster a sense of shared responsibility and unity in your community?

2. Compassion in Action: Consider how you can embody cosmic compassion in your daily interactions. Small acts of kindness have the power to create ripples of positive energy.

3. Embracing Change: Reflect on the idea that challenges are opportunities for growth. How can you shift your perspective on current events to see them as catalysts for personal and collective evolution?

Remember, as we navigate the cosmic dance of existence, let us find strength in unity, compassion in diversity, and wisdom in the ever-changing tapestry of life.

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Susan Jay
Susan Jay
Nov 23, 2023

Excellent reflection points and perspective on how to do our part to heal. Keep up the great work!


rose kaz
rose kaz
Nov 20, 2023

TYSM for this perfect read and kind directions, B! I needed this today <3

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