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DANNI STILLWELL is one of a handful of individuals titled as a Transformational Spiritual
Life Coach in the country. Ms. Stillwell completed the Life Mastery Program, in the first
graduating class of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, headed by well-known
inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant. Since 1993, Ms. Stillwell has been a staff member of Ms.
Vanzant’s national workshop team, specializing in life force energy movement. Also, Ms.
Stillwell had over thirty-five years of civil service as the retired Superintendent of Training for
the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department where she was responsible for course development
in safety and employee development.


As a frequent speaker and participant in forums and events related to women’s issues, Ms.
Stillwell also speaks and participates in forums related to entrepreneurship, massage therapy, and
holistic medicine. The enthusiasm of wanting to help others, her warm spirit in recognizing an
individual’s accomplishments and working with others, has allowed Ms. Stillwell to successfully
plan and coordinate seminars, workshops (her own Sensuous Woman of Means series of
“Playshops”), awards programs, and public relations events. She has been featured on several
episodes of MTV’s “Made” reality show; and more recently she was in the casts of “The Vagina
Monologues” and “For Colored Girls”.


If being a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, trainer, facilitator and actress is not enough —
Ms. Stillwell is a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, providing a complete range of
massage, spa, and holistic services through her company Tranquille Moment. The clientele includes public sector agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as, organizations and individuals in the entertainment, sports, and automotive, health care, and financial industries. Yet, there is more…Danni is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter and grandmother of three.



Meet Julie Mac: 

Julie is working mom of 3 busy kids. She’s managing a career in cyber security (not for much longer though), a real-estate investing company (think Flip or Flop), HerStory Now (a lifestyle blog for women) and being and a wife and a friend and all the other important roles that a woman may have.

She started about 4 years ago with a big vision for making some major changes in her life. Since conceiving that vision and going all-in on it, she’s co-created a real-estate investment company with her husband that’s done almost $1.4m in real estate deals in only a few years.


She also created Herstory Now, where she helps women rewrite their story through a process of journaling and vision writing that she developed as she set out to rewrite her own story.

No matter what hat she’s wearing on any given day, her ultimate message is that any woman can change her life when she’s willing to rewrite the story about what she believes is possible for herself and she’s determined to go after it with her whole heart.