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Woman of the Week: Richarne Fuqua

Richarne Fuqua, affectionately known as "Dr. Shawn, The LPC" is a licensed professional counselor and psychologist with almost 20 years of working in mental health. Dr. Shawn has studied African American women and the mother-daughter relationship, specializing in unearthing generational trauma, as she has worked with people of all ages.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Shawn is a mental health advocate, whose goal is making sure people understand mental health is mental wealth. This includes her children's book series "Growing Places with Bailee” and owning of a private practice serving Georgia and Michigan. She is an adjunct professor with several universities and has a non-profit, the Licensed Professional Counselor Institute where she is training the next generation of therapists.

Award-winning educator, speaker, trainer, mother, grandmother, and wife. S.H.E. is a sistah healing and empowering…Dr. Shawn, The LPC.

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