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Love + Solidarity: Women of Impact!

Over the last several weeks there has been a global outpouring of support towards the ending of the genocide and apartheid regime in Palestine. Aching for the return of Israeli hostages. There are other genocides happening in the world as well that the media is not giving attention to such as:




Nagorno-Karabakh region (Armenia)

Uyghurs (China)

The Rohingya in Burma

West Papua ( New Guinea)

With eight genocides happening right now, we can feel like we are being swallowed by war and death. So with that, I wanted to highlight a few women who are and have led by example as Culture Shift(Hers)

Meet Rasha Mubarak:

Rasha Mubarak, Founder and President of UNBOUGHT POWER, is a Palestinian-American Muslim community activist, consultant, political strategist, and leader, who was named “10 People Making Orlando a Better Place to Be” by Orlando Weekly and Florida Young Democrats’ “2019 Florida Young Democrat of the Year”. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in the heart of Central Florida, Rasha is a grassroots organizer and political advocate for national, statewide, and local political candidates and campaigns around civil rights, human rights, interfaith work, immigration rights, and Black and Brown liberation.

Rasha has 15+ years of experience as a bilingual progressive organizer and political strategist specializing in advocacy, non-profit management, campaigns, program development, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, education, and mobilization immersed within a strong network of diverse communities both locally and nationally. Rasha always looks to add value with her skills, social capital, and ability to influence and build coalitions toward increasing advocacy and political engagement within low-propensity voters and historically marginalized communities.

Meet Tanya Rbubinstein:

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of Somatic Writing.

After twenty years as a master teacher and story coach, Tanya created Somatic Writing in 2020 as a way for visionary leaders to liberate their voice, write and publish books that are deeply relevant in the emergent cultural landscape, and create businesses that are able to thrive in the rapidly shifting global economy.

Her unique process, Ancestral Wealth, is designed to support her clients in growing internationally recognized "un-brands" to rehumanize business and grow intergenerational wealth, ethically and artistically, outside capitalism.

Tanya sees the opportunity of Ancestral leadership and Ancestral wealth practices as a trauma-informed praxis, being birthed through us from the Ancient Now, in service to our descendants and in alignment with the return of the Divine Feminine in and out of all systems on the planet at this time.

In 2002, her book The Cancer Monologue Project was published by MacAdam Cage Publishing. She has been featured in "O" Oprah Magazine, on the CBS Early Show, ABC, NPR, in Spirituality and Health, and on numerous podcasts.

She lives in Nashville and is married to transgender musician and bestselling author of Transelectric, My Life as a Cosmic Rockstar, Cindy Bullens.

Both of these women have continued to use their platforms for love and justice 💜

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